Welcome to CoSolve Longmont!

While COVID-19 is still around us and we continue to stay as safe as possible we do have space for a few new members to join us. We do not accept large gatherings yet. For more info please email support@cosolve.co.

To reserve conference & classroom spaces please sign up below.  Staff hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - please make sure to contact us if you book a conference room before 9 so we can be here to greet you!
We offer a credit for any paid and unused conference room booking. 

We have two individual membership levels to choose from.....pick the one best for you.  The free Community Member is the default membership when you register.

All memberships are month-to-month.  

By signing up you agree to our Membership Agreement and will be automatically added to our newsletter and have the option to unsubscribe.  To request a PDF copy please email support@cosolve.co. 

CoSolve supports a variety of community resources and projects and reserves the right to move any meeting to another room, especially to accommodate construction, emergency work and other facilities related items.

If you need any help email support@cosolve.co. 


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